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We base our business around your business. We are in certain areas of the region on a route basis, depending on the day of the week. We come to your food service entity with a fully stocked vehicle.

About Us

Founded in 2010 by Mitchell Crofts, Low Country Spice Traders has been serving the Low Country region South Carolina and coastal Georgia for quite some time now. We are a proud distributor of R.L. Schreiber spices and bases, and love every opportunity to interact with our customers as we provide them with the freshest and most delicious ingredients. We have a wide selection of quality products that we’re sure you’ll just love. We are growing everyday with products that represent all that this region has to offer.

Chef Wear

Quality Goods

Are you a fan of classic favorites? As a Chef Works* distributor we pride ourselves with nothing but chef approved gear. A favorite among many of our customers, not to mention a staff favorite. Purchase this quality attire if you want to look your absolute best make it through hours in comfort.

Premium Soup and Gravy Bases

All The Goodness

Take in all that we have to offer at Low Country Spice Traders. We provide our customers with the best, most delicious, and of course, freshest soup and gravy bases in the Low Country. Our customers find it essential to maintain a level of high quality. If you’re curious as to why, give LCST a call to experience it for yourself. We guarantee that once you do, you’ll soon understand what the buzz is all about.

Exceptional Spices

Authentic Flavor

Are you constantly craving something satisfying and delicious that will warm your soul? Look no further, because we have exactly what you need! At Low Country Spice Traders we carry a large variety of products which will be sure to gratify your taste buds. As an independent R.L. Schreiber distributor we only offer top quality spices and dried herbs. Wondering how you can get your hands on these trusted items that top quality chefs use? See below to purchase it for yourself today!

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